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Beautiful strong Dutch peonies in pink color in simple hand tied bouquet.

Peonies is a wonderful way to delight yourself or someone you care about. We delivery the flowers to your home to add beauty and color to your interior. Please order at least 3 days before the delivery time.
SKU: P-1
14.599 kr.

 S    -5 stems

 M  -10 stems

 L   -15 stems

XL  -20 stems

XXL-25 stems

Taking care of peonies:

Fill the vase about 1/2 with water. Add half a packet of flower food. Remove all leaves that would be underwater in the vase, as they will rot, reducing the life of the flower. 

Plan to replace the water every two-three days. Cut the stems at an angle at that time and add a little bit of flower food.

Enjoy your flowers!!

Most kinds of peonies can be held for two or three weeks if taking care properly.