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Tropical modern and long lasting bouquet with Anthurium in green colours

Tropical modern and long lasting white and green bouquet with Anthurium, green Chrysanthemum and white gladiolus is a favourite gift to for anyone who likes long lasting flower bouquet. Perfect for father's day, graduation, bridal showers, new baby, or even a gift of sympathy. This bouquets has to be ordered at least one week before delivery to make sure that flowers arrive to Iceland.!!!!
11.990 kr.

   L  -gladiolus-1-chrysanthemum-2-anthurium-2-greenery

 XL  -gladiolus-2-chrysanthemum-3-anthurium-2-greenery

XXL -gladiolus-2-chrysanthemum-4-anthurium-2-oriental lilie-greenery

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