Gorgeous single romantic long stemmed rose with greenery-choose color!

Romantic single rose with lash greenery. Love is sometimes simple but it is always exquisitely beautiful. What could be simpler and more exquisite than arranging a single rose delivery for a person who has a piece of your heart? Online rose delivery at the touch of a button will convey an unchanging love that does not wither away. This premium single rose is lovingly and tastefully arranged with eucalyptus, fern and grass.
  • red rose
    red rose
  • pink rose
    pink rose
  • orange rose
    orange rose
  • white rose
    white rose
2.250 kr.


Rose lenght 55-60cm and greenery.

red rose     -greenery

pink rose    -greenery

orange rose-greenery

white rose  -greenery


Taking care of flower: 

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