Bohemian style wedding bouquet with red icelandic roses, ruskus, eryngjum and eucalypthus.

Boho style Wedding bouquet with dark red icelandic roses, ruscus, eryngjum and eucalypthus. Ribbon red, pins. 50 cm wide
SKU: WB-13
21.990 kr.

Bohemian chic wedding style is so relaxed, peaceful yet very eye-catching at the same time. Most of boho brides love to choose wild looking flowers because this naturalness. 

Boho brides can also incorporate roses into their wedding mix by layering loose flowers in dreamy, dark, shades, unexpected touches such as succulents, and trailing greenery in a hand-gathered arrangement for a surprisingly sultry result.

With so many stunning colors, shapes, and unexpected textures, there is so much rosy room for creativity with this flowers.