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Cheese basket big

Cheese kastali blue, Cheese kastali white, Cheese brie w/chilli, Cheese camembert, Cheese primadona, Cheese roll mexico, Cheese roll paprika, Cheese jalapeno, Tuc saltkex, Snackline saltkex, Ritzkex, Jacob chilikex, Original kex, big basket ribbon
14.990 kr.

Chocolate time-Gift basket gift for everybody who likes sweets.

size-L-ballerina biscuits, elitess bits 200g, Gou 500g raisins, g.b.lífrænt 70% chocolate with pepermint, g.b.lífrænt 70% chocolate, caramel bits, kitkat 48g, basket medium, ribbon, presentation packaging.
12.490 kr.

Giftbasket is vonderful gift for everybody who likes sweets, tea and coffee.

Grounded coffee rúbín red-400g, Mozart chocolate balls filled with marzipan and praline creme 148g, Melrose English tea 25 pcs., Barber cream crackers 300g, Café au Bastogne buisquit 260g, Frón chocolate buisquit noir 200g, Maryland hazelnut buisquit 136g, Milka daim chocolate 100g, Milka caramel chocolate 100g, Luxurious Icelandic brand chocolate Síríus 150g. basket medium 35cm in diameter, ribbon, presentation packaging.
11.990 kr.

Perfect Giftbasket of goodies for team partners of five.

Elitesse chocolate coated wafers 200g, Guylian chocolate box with shells-250g, Síriús chocolate with pepermint 5pcs., Freyju hríspoki 250g, Göte remi-100g, Pretzel 300g, BelgianTruffels-150g, Sugar cookies-pía lady fingers-200g, Chips-lays-175g, 10pcs. of Mini cream cookies 200g, Jacobs crackers 200g. box medium, ribbon, presentation packaging.
12.850 kr.