Einfaldur og fallegur vöndur með hvítum liljum, krúsa og grænu

Einfaldur og fallegur vöndur með hvítum liljum, krúsa og fallegu grænu efni. Hentar vel allra tækifæra eins og útskriftir, trúlofun, gæsavöndur, fæðingargjöf og jafnvel til samúðar Lýsing: þessi blómvöndur inniheldur hvítar liljur, krúsa og eucalyptus og meira
10.990 kr.


L 2 lilies  2   mums
XL 3 lilies



XXL 4 lilies  4 mums








 Taking care of flower: 

Lilies have an exotic look and a delicate nature. Because these blooms are so tender, it is vital that you treat them with care if you want them to last. If you receive a lily-rich bouquet, there are some things you can do to increase the life of the flowers and keep your beautiful gift looking good longer.

Prep The Lilies

The actions you take immediately after receiving your lilies can play an important role in determining how long the blooms last.

Remove The Pollen

Pollen represents an important part of flower anatomy, but for lilies, the presence of pollen can be a problem. If the pollen gets on the flower petals, it can eat away at these delicate flower parts, leading to a shorter life for your blooms. While you can’t remove pollen from some lilies, such as calla lilies, many lilies contain pollen that can easily be removed. Stargazer lilies, for example, feature a prominent central pistil surrounded by protruding stamens, each of which have pollen atop them. To ensure that your lilies remain fresh for an extended period of time, carefully pluck the pollen from each of these stamens, taking care not to allow the pollen to touch the petals.

Change Water Regularly

Like others in the flower world, lilies require fresh water to survive. Many lily bouquet recipients make the mistakes of filling up the vase once, then allowing the lilies to stay in the same potentially stagnant water until they wilt. To prolong the lives of your lilies, replace the water every 2-3 days and wash the vase well with detergent soap and before dunking lilies again into a fresh water-filled vase, re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle — this improves the lilies’ ability to suck up the life-giving water that will keep them looking fresh.

Keep Away From Sunlight

Though planted lilies do well in sunlight, cut lilies do not. Once cut, these flowers require a cooler place to last longer.

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Gleðilegur vöndur blandaður með liljum, krusa og fullt af grænu fallegu efni

Kraftmikill og fullur af gleði sem kemur öllum í gott skap. Tilvalinn til að gleðja ástvini Lýsing: þessi blómvöndur inniheldur appelsínugular liljur, krúsa og grænt.
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Gler vasi-25cm

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